Great Awakening of Christian North Africa     Christian Revival North Africa floods A Great Christian Revival is occurring in North Africa, A hostile to the gospel time, where now tens of thousands of Muslims are following Jesus. From the coast of Casablanca in Morocco to Tripoli in Libya, experts say that the growth of Christianity, especially in the last 20 years is unprecedented.

Tino Qahoush graduate of Regent University, has spent years traveling to the region to document the reality of this transformation. "I have the privilege of recording evidence and hear stories of men and women, of all ages, who sat in a room, see the presence of God before their eyes real, like a vision. Some tell stories of how they sustain a conversation , not just a light that appears to them, "said Qahoush. His interviews confirm what experts say is a deep moving of the Spirit of God in predominantly Muslim nations of Mauritania, Western Sahara, Morocco, Algeria, Libya and Tunisia. "Sometimes I feel jealous of how Jesus visits the Muslim world at this time and did not hear occurring in traditionally Christian community," said Qahoush. THE CASE OF ALGERIA One place where this growth is most evident in Algeria. . "We never thought that the Algerian church grow much," said Salah pastor who leads one of the largest churches in Algeria, with some 1,200 believers who attend asus cults. 99 percent of those who attend part of the Muslim population, and -refiere Salah- all new Christians in his church have Muslim background. "Since our inception as a church until today, have called around 150-160 believers a year," said Salah. A typical case is that of a man named Zino, an ex-Muslim, who was invited to attend church by a friend. "I saw Algerians worshiping God with all your heart and it touched me," says moved. Others like Farhat speak of miraculous events. She was Muslim and illiterate. I could not read when he accepted the Lord, but then God unexpectedly revolutionized his life. "Since then was able to read the Bible and understand the Word of God. This is just an example of what God has done in my life and for many here in Algeria," says Farhat, an ex-Muslim. STONY LAND FERTILE GROUND Although Algeria is predominantly Muslim, the government gives freedom Protestant churches to register their congregations. "It is the first Arab government officially recognized churches," says Youssef Ourahmane, Algerian and pastor of Casa de Esperanza. Youssef said that despite the government harasses and intimidates Christians occasionally, but the level of persecution is not like 20 years ago. "God gave us many opportunities to testify at police stations, in the courts Once I went to the police station and was given 45 minutes to talk about Jesus Imagine, all Muslims sitting and saying:.. 'Tell us about Jesus '"said Ourahmane. But Algeria and North African countries have not always been open to the gospel. "Peter" is a veteran missionary here. "You know the parable, a sower went out to sow and seed fell on rocky ground, this is North Africa, in those days was rugged and rocky," said "Peter". "Religion and culture were hostile to anything foreign and Christianity was regarded as the religion of the Europeans," said "Peter". "Peter" believes that the arrival of television and the internet have changed the perception of people about Christianity. "Today, in North Africa on television you can listen to Arab Christians talking about their faith, mature Christians, answering questions, participate in discussions," said "Peter". Encouraged by the power of God, Algerian Christians are now on a mission to bring the gospel to every corner of the globe. "God has placed in our hearts that we can send 1,000 missionaries 2025. I think that perhaps one day will end with some American missionaries reaching converts from Islam to Muslims there and elsewhere," concluded Ourahmane. Email this Email BlogThis! Share on Twitter Share on Facebook
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